Pre Wedding Teaser: Jaja & Ikram (HD)

We are really slow when it comes to update our blog, haha! Anyway, here we are now.We were approached by Jaja & Ikram a few months ago. They will get married on 18 November 2010. We love working with them. Jaja & Ikram is a lovely couple!That’s a fact..They’re so cool,funky,easy to work with and bla bla bla bla! ..Initially we shot this for their solemnization highlights.Suddenly we thought, “hey,why don’t we make a teaser?”…So, we drafted a storyline and did some editing and finallllllllllyyyy TADAAAAA!!! Here are they are, the pre wedding teaser of Jaja & Ikram…We really loike this…It is so cute! We hope to get more cute footage during their wedding soooon!!We can’t wait to shoot their wedding on 18.11.2010! Ok enough of blabbering,enjoy the show!

Pre-Wedding Teaser: Jaja & Ikram (HD) from iMoments on Vimeo.