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Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira

Highlights from the solemnization of Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira on 18 Dec 2010 at Danga Keris 7, Bukit Marak, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

A truly beautiful event which will be remembered for many years ahead. iMoments is proud to define their memorable event. Both couple are gorgeous on their big day!

Many thanks to their families, friends for their cooperation during the event.

We love the highlights. We keep watching it again and again, we hope you love the highlights also 😀

Solemnization: Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira from iMoments on Vimeo.

best wishes from family and friends during their solemnization..kelakar 😀

Mempersembahan Majlis Raja Sehari Elini Fazira & Fariz Hadi di Danga Keris 7, Kota Bharu yang bertemakan perkahwinan klasik diraja.

Majlis Raja Sehari: Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira from iMoments on Vimeo.


Highlights from the reception of Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira on 26 Dec 2010 at MITC Grand Ballroom, Melaka.

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Pre Wedding: Haezwan & Abbey

Pre Wedding: Haezwan & Abbey from iMoments on Vimeo.

Pre wedding video of Haezwan & Abbey. This is how they knew each other. Took a few weeks to complete the shooting. We are lucky coz both of them are so natural in front of camera.
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