Hafizullah + Tengku Awanis

Save the date 10.8.13 – starting from today until their wedding day,we will release 3 episode of their story starting with Ep.1/3 as introduction. Wait for the next Ep.2/3!Coming soon!

Save the date 10.8.13 – The 2nd episode is finally here! Watch their extreme activity at Sunway Lagoon.A reality based pre wedding video. Like and share if you love this episode.Watch the 1st episode if you haven’t.

Save the date 10.8.13 – The finale is finally here. Watch the last piece of their story.

Finally the date has come on 10.8.13, Hafizullah and Tengku Awanis got married on this day. We were there to capture their best moments. Fast edited and displayed during their reception next day.

It is always a dream to end a great love story with a great wedding. For Hafizullah and Tengku Awanis, indeed they had a blast during their great wedding. We had lots of fun working with them from their pre wedding, solemnization and reception. 3 cinematographers and 1 crew were involved to film this event. We are proud to present the highlight. Congrats guys.

shot with Canon 5D Mark III
shot and edited by iMoments
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