Sarah & Heikal

wahhhh……we really really X 10 like this highlight..for this one,we try to experiment with a new editing style..the theme of this highlight is “cheeky+cuteness”. we try to blend the video with the music. we believe you guys will like this!Amin…

Sarah and Heikal looks great together..

thanks to their family,friends who helped in making this highlight especially their sisters 😀

cinematographer: Hanif & Rizal
editor: Remi

shot with Canon 5D Mark II
shot by iMoments
+Capture Your Defining Moments+

Ashraf + Azbariyah

We have to say that we really like this highlight. Why? Coz there are a lot of moments in it…Moment that is very precious..Ashraf + Azbariyah, we hope you like the highlight.

That’s why we are known as iMoments, coz we capture your defining moments and we craft it to perfection 🙂

Don’t forget to raise your audio level, you’ll enjoy it more 🙂

being together since studied in UIA, they finally tied the knot…here is their reception at Dewan Bandaraya Melaka on 8 Oct 2011.

Azbariyah is so gorgeous on her big day.

We love beautiful event, working with nice people and get great support from all!

Let us know if you’d like us to capture your beautiful event.

Reception highlight in HD..layannnnnn!!!Dont waste time, no more blabbering..Play!

shot with Canon 5D Mark II
shot and edited by iMoments
+Capture Your Defining Moments+

Hidayah & Nabil

We knew Hidayah thru our past client Firdaus & Anis. To cut it short, they like our job, and they wanted us to cover their memorable day on 24 Sept 2011. We had lots of great shots due to the nice decorations. We had fun working with them, they were easy to direct..Enough of blabbering, check out the solemnization highlight..

Lovely event,lovely people,lovely decorations,lovely bride and groom,lovely shot..everything during this event was lovely.

they are another couple who got together since high school..betul2 love story ni…respect for long term couple mcm hidayah + nabil..

shot and directed by iMoments
+Capture Your Defining Moments+

Jaja & Ikram

This is the latest pre wedding video of Jaja & Ikram. This highlight was shown during their wedding reception on 18 Nov 2010 at Grand Riverview Hotel,Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Technically, you should watch this pre wedding video first before watching their solemnization highlights.

Credit to Wan Huzaidi (Wedding Planner) and Wan Huzairil (Fashion Designer) for their contributions for this pre wedding highlights.

Jaja & Ikram , I have one thing to say….Your wedding is do damn beautiful!!Jaja sungguh santekkk on your wedding!Ikram sungguh cool! I love capturing the moments…Masih ingat lagi, Jaja asked us about our availability for their wedding…Selepas melihat ke q’cute’tan dan ke’cheeky’an mereka, iMoments think capturing their wedding will be a great joy to behold..

Solemnization highlights di bawah merupakan fast editing yang telah ditayangkan di majlis resepsi mereka pada malam 18 Nov 2010 di Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Bharu. Majlis akad nikah berlangsung di tempat yang sama pada pagi 18 Nov 2010. Solemnization higlights ini turut merangkumi persiapan mereka menjelang perkahwinan.

iMoments would like to give a big thanks and appreciation to Jaja & Ikram, keluarga mereka, kawan2 yang sporting gile!, Bonsai Photo Studio, Awanis (you got the flower,you r getting married!),Wan Huzaidi (Wedding Planner), Wan Huzairil (Fashion Designer) dan semua yang terlibat kerana kerjasama yang diberikan sepanjang perkahwinan ini..

Jaja & Ikram…We are proudly presenting our masterpiece, specially crafted for both of you… Don’t forget to wait for the reception highlights also!Coming soon!

Please visit Jaja’s blog at

The Solemnization Highlights: Jaja & Ikram (HD) from iMoments on Vimeo.


Reception Highlights of Jaja & Ikram at Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Bharu,Kelantan on 18 NOV 2010

The Reception Highlights: Jaja & Ikram from iMoments on Vimeo.

Gaffar & Syamimi

Cerita pasal this couple, we were approached by both of them just one week before their wedding. Luckily the date (2 Oct 2010) is still available. They are easy to work with and baik sangat..Mimi untung dapat Gaffar as husband, jaga dia baik-baik… Their wedding theme is fantastic, can’t wait for their reception..

Yeay! after a week of hard work and less sleep, finally this is the full highlights from the solemnization of Gaffar & Syamimi, we seriously love this one!We hope you love it too!!Appreciate sangat-sangat because the brides and the family as well as the friends gave their cooperation during the events,semua nampak natural je! iMoments is easier to be created this way…For this video, we tried a new type of storyline, kinda different from other videos but it is a good experiment to define their moments..Gaffar & Syamimi, we had great time defining your moments! Ok enuff, jom tgk video kat bawah…


The Solemnization: Gaffar & Syamimi (HD) from iMoments on Vimeo.


Bonus Highlights : Best Wishes from Family and Friends

The Solemnization of Gaffar & Syamimi: Best Wishes from Family and Friends from iMoments on Vimeo

Munzir & Zaitil: The Solemnization & The Reception

Munzir bekerja sebagai engineer di DiGi dan Zaitil bekerja sebagai eksekutif di Universiti Multimedia, Cyberjaya…Munzir dari Kelantan dan Zaitil dari Pahang.So macam mana mereka boleh bertemu?Mungkin jodoh mereka telah ditakdirkan.Setelah 1 tahun berkenalan, akhirnya pada 17 Julai 2010 di Kuantan,Pahang, mereka sah bergelar suami isteri. Thanks from iMoments kepada kedua pengantin dan keluarga pengantin atas kerjasama/support yang diberikan.Semua happy go lucky and sporting, barulah senang nak create moments..First time jumpa family yang baik dan penyayang sangat…Nak tahu macam mana kuatnya kasih sayang mereka? Jom layanz…

The Solemnization: 17th July 2010

The highlight will take some time to load due to the High Definition (HD) content, but trust me, it will be worth the wait!

for slower internet connection, view the below video:

Memang best shooting majlis resepsi kedua pasangan ini,dua2 sporting, best, rock, funky and veryyyy camera friendly…ok jom layanz majlis resepsi mereka…

The Reception: 17th July 2010

Munzir & Zaitil: Reception Highlights (HD) from iMoments on Vimeo.