Khatijah & Izzuddin

Solemnization highlight for Khatijah & Izzuddin on 16 Sept 2013’s morning. This is the result within 4 hours editing and the highlight was displayed during their night reception on 16 Sept 2013.

Moments and emotion. The most precious things on your big day. Leave it to us, we know how to capture your moments.

a wedding cinematography by iMoments

shot with Canon 5D Mark III
shot and edited by iMoments
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Tajul & Siti

we have to say that we love shooting this event. Their wedding is just lovely. They actually like each other since high school. but only get together during university. Whoaa, another love story. What a joy to behold for both of them 🙂

shot and edited by iMoments
shot with Canon 5D Mark II
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Syakira & Norman

yeaaa ada update…this time is syakira & norman..they got married at Masjid Besi Putrajaya on 25 Nov 2011…we actually like to shoot at this mosque..there is so many beautiful scenery here…for this event, the senior cinematographers were trusted to capture their moments..we pretty like the scene that we got..

Congrats again to them!

shot and edited by iMoments
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Hidayah & Nabil

We knew Hidayah thru our past client Firdaus & Anis. To cut it short, they like our job, and they wanted us to cover their memorable day on 24 Sept 2011. We had lots of great shots due to the nice decorations. We had fun working with them, they were easy to direct..Enough of blabbering, check out the solemnization highlight..

Lovely event,lovely people,lovely decorations,lovely bride and groom,lovely shot..everything during this event was lovely.

they are another couple who got together since high school..betul2 love story ni…respect for long term couple mcm hidayah + nabil..

shot and directed by iMoments
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Reception: Ino & Nizam

Still remember with (Ino & Nizam)’s solemnization?

They had their solemnization during May 2011 but their reception was held on July 2011. Finally we can watch the highlight from the reception between Ino & Nizam on 23rd July 2011 at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Ino is so gorgeous on her wedding day! That’s the reason we choose this song for her highlight!It was a pleasure to work with them.

We really like this highlight. Do you?

shot and edited by iMoments
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Nadira & Bukhari

Highlights from the reception of Nadira & Bukhari on 5 June 2011 at Putrajaya.

cantiknyeee wedding ni..

shot and edited by iMoments

Firdaus & Anis

Firdaus is working in Dubai and Anis is working in Klang, Selangor..It is never easy to have a long distance relationship.

they knew each other during their university days, where else, UiTM… they had been engaged for 3 years before finally tying the knot on 27 May 2011…

congratulations from iMoments to the sweet couple.

for this highlight, we experimented with moving style of shooting and we are kinda excited with the result (puji diri sendiri lol)..

shot with Canon 5D Mark II

Solemnization highlights

Reception highlights

shot and edited by iMoments

Hadi & Fida

solemnization highlights between Fida & Hadi on 21 May 2011 at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

Congratulations to the newly wed couple! Fida looks so gorgeous on her big day. They are a sweet couple.

A production of iMoments
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Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira

Highlights from the solemnization of Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira on 18 Dec 2010 at Danga Keris 7, Bukit Marak, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

A truly beautiful event which will be remembered for many years ahead. iMoments is proud to define their memorable event. Both couple are gorgeous on their big day!

Many thanks to their families, friends for their cooperation during the event.

We love the highlights. We keep watching it again and again, we hope you love the highlights also 😀

Solemnization: Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira from iMoments on Vimeo.

best wishes from family and friends during their solemnization..kelakar 😀

Mempersembahan Majlis Raja Sehari Elini Fazira & Fariz Hadi di Danga Keris 7, Kota Bharu yang bertemakan perkahwinan klasik diraja.

Majlis Raja Sehari: Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira from iMoments on Vimeo.


Highlights from the reception of Fariz Hadi & Elini Fazira on 26 Dec 2010 at MITC Grand Ballroom, Melaka.

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