Sharifah Aliyah + Hussein

yeahhaaa, we are back again with update.Aliyah actually found out about iMoments when she watched Khairul Fahmi a.k.a. Apek’s surprise birthday highlight, from there she watched all our wedding videos and got interested with our cinematography style. We then met the couple and studied their characteristics and their expectation for their wedding video.
The result is as below, enjoy it guys.

Our cinematography philosophy has always focusing on the moments. The reason is simple, moments happens in just a split of second, if not captured it wont be remembered. During Aliyah & Hussein’s wedding, many moments were captured. Then we blend it with some creative shot and editing techniques. The result is marvellous. This is what iMoments’s its all about, +Capture Your Defining Moments+.

Shot and edited by iMoments
+Capture Your Defining Moments+