Fariq + Nasihah

Fariq and Nasihah met while studying in Seoul, Korea. They have been a good friend, a business partner and finally a soulmate to each other on 2 May 2015 at Putrajaya. Annyeonghaseyo!

Reception highlight of Fariq and Nasihah on 3 May 2015 at Putrajaya.
We used drone during the outdoor session. It was quite windy and challenging to control the drone. However, we are happy with the final outcome.

shot and edited by iMoments
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Sheereen + Faiz

when we arrived at their house, we just thought “wow,so beautiful”..the setting of the wedding is just awesome. Their love story is unique as well, its all because of a cat..haha…enjoy the highlight!

shot with Canon 5D Mark II
shot and edited by iMoments

Sarah & Heikal

wahhhh……we really really X 10 like this highlight..for this one,we try to experiment with a new editing style..the theme of this highlight is “cheeky+cuteness”. we try to blend the video with the music. we believe you guys will like this!Amin…

Sarah and Heikal looks great together..

thanks to their family,friends who helped in making this highlight especially their sisters 😀

cinematographer: Hanif & Rizal
editor: Remi

shot with Canon 5D Mark II
shot by iMoments
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Nadira & Bukhari

Highlights from the reception of Nadira & Bukhari on 5 June 2011 at Putrajaya.

cantiknyeee wedding ni..

shot and edited by iMoments

Munzir & Zaitil: The Solemnization & The Reception

Munzir bekerja sebagai engineer di DiGi dan Zaitil bekerja sebagai eksekutif di Universiti Multimedia, Cyberjaya…Munzir dari Kelantan dan Zaitil dari Pahang.So macam mana mereka boleh bertemu?Mungkin jodoh mereka telah ditakdirkan.Setelah 1 tahun berkenalan, akhirnya pada 17 Julai 2010 di Kuantan,Pahang, mereka sah bergelar suami isteri. Thanks from iMoments kepada kedua pengantin dan keluarga pengantin atas kerjasama/support yang diberikan.Semua happy go lucky and sporting, barulah senang nak create moments..First time jumpa family yang baik dan penyayang sangat…Nak tahu macam mana kuatnya kasih sayang mereka? Jom layanz…

The Solemnization: 17th July 2010

The highlight will take some time to load due to the High Definition (HD) content, but trust me, it will be worth the wait!

for slower internet connection, view the below video:

Memang best shooting majlis resepsi kedua pasangan ini,dua2 sporting, best, rock, funky and veryyyy camera friendly…ok jom layanz majlis resepsi mereka…

The Reception: 17th July 2010

Munzir & Zaitil: Reception Highlights (HD) from iMoments on Vimeo.