Mehndi is actually a Pakistani tradition where the groom will apply the inai to his handi and will be blessed by the elders. It is similar to Malay’s berinai tradition.
Although it is the first time for us covering such an event, we have made enough preparation to ensure we won’t miss every part of the event.
The best part of Mehndi is during the opening of dance floor where everybody dances together.

The best part of this highlight is that it was captured with our brand new camera Canon 5D Mark III.

When we were requested by Imran to use Hindi song for his nikah’s highlight, we were quite surprised since we have never done it before. However, this is where the things get even better and more exiciting. We accepted their request and took it as a challenge.

By the way, Imran has Pakistani blood and Natrah is a Malay. His family is a hard core fans of Bollywood.

During their wedding, it was the first time ever we captured a fast moving convoy’s journey on highway. We are quite excited with the result.

The event itself is very grand. We are pretty happy with the result, we managed to capture every part of moments during their wedding. From start until the end. That is what iMoments is all about, we +Capture Your Defining Moments+.

Groom’s reception highlight for Imran and Natrah on 20 April 2013 at Flamingo Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. We kinda like the event’s theme which is based on Pakistani element + Bollywood style. The event itself was great and full of unique performance. In the end, everybody had fun with the wedding, that’s the most important, and we were there to capture the moments.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark III
shot and edited by iMoments
+Capture Your Defining Moments+